Caroline: One Step at a Time

I came to coaching in a very gradual way, beginning just as I started my studies at University to become a music teacher. I was always interested in how you could become the best version of yourself. How to become not only better at whatever you were pursuing, but how to be happier as well.

I was curious about finding a system that allowed you to consistently improve, and achieve your goals. How to discover what motivated you and how to make progress on things that were important. As I continued with personal development or “self-coaching” it paralleled my teaching journey. I became a music teacher of young children in school, and I loved how asking the right questions could really help change a student’s focus. I enjoyed developing strategies with the kids that helped them become happier and more successful.

As I worked with children in the classroom, I also taught private music and jewelry making lessons to adults. I really began to appreciate the collegial partnership and active engagement adults brought as they pursued their own goals. I wanted to be a part of a process where I could work with motivated people to achieve the goals and dreams that were important to them.

I started noticing that there was no one “right way” to succeed, but with guidance and questioning, each person found a slightly different road to their own success. Just looking at all of the unique and beautiful jewelry designs created by the end of one of my classes seemed to tell me this was true.

As I was exploring teaching and personal growth strategies, I started to become more aware of coaching. I learned there was an actual process that allowed you to discover what was really important to you and how to stay motivated. A process that walked you through how to achieve your goals. It was also exciting to learn that it wasn’t about giving advice, but helping the person create their own goals and actions, and OWN them. This structure ensured success for anyone!

I started using the coaching process not only in my classrooms but in my own life with big results. I was able to literally create my dream job in the classroom, increase my income significantly and pursue coaching as a career. I became happier and improved my relationship with my partner. I was generally more patient and resourceful, taking on challenges that I never thought I could. I also started taking care of my body by eating more healthfully and exercising. I went on to lose 45 pounds, and keep it off. (I am SO much happier!) The coaching process has not only helped me achieve my major goals, but changed the way that I think, how I approach challenges and how I plan for success.

Most of all, it’s helped me realize what I’m capable of. With my students, I noticed that by using the coaching process (asking questions that brought awareness to my student’s performance) they created new awareness and were able to make small changes and get better. It changed the way they approached challenges and helped them become more confident, resourceful and capable. I knew I wanted to be that curious and motivated coach, helping others discover their own abilities, create their own vision and then bring it into reality. How exciting!

So here I am today, doing exactly what I fell in love with: helping others create the life they want, one step at a time.

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