Youth coaching is a branch of life coaching intended to encourage personal development in youth who may feel like they are stuck unable to envision their future life.

Pressures of trying to fit-in and achieve can stress them out.

Youth coaching can help young people develop life skills including:

  • building confidence
  • setting and achieving goals
  • managing stress
  • discussing difficult issues

Every parent worries about their teenager, wondering if they are happy and doing well at school. They don’t always want to have that conversation with parents. After all, they are trying to be independent and become the grown up you raised them to be. One solution is to hire a trained professional coach.

Youth coaches are here to offer impartial, trustworthy support without any judgement. While the adventure of growing up can be a wonderful and exciting time, young people, just like adults, can experience difficulties in life and with the help of a youth coach, a teen can discover what is most important to them, what they really want to do and where they want to be. While some will need a hand held throughout the journey, others may only need to be pointed in the right direction.

If your child shows interest in a coach, the next step is to find one that both you and your teen trust and feel confident with. As the coach is there to help, it is important that your child builds a good rapport with them.

After attending an initial meeting, your teenager will be invited to attend a series of sessions. Each session will last between 30-minutes to an hour. During the sessions, the coach will ask a selection of questions to get an idea of their interests, establish what kind of attitudes and values your child holds and work out what actions are needed for them to move forward.

The main purpose of a youth coach is to give the young person the confidence to realize their potential. Through achieving this, the two will work together to devise strategies to achieve their ambitions.