Erickson-trained Coach Thornley has a passion for helping others discover their dreams and clear the path towards reaching them.

She firmly believes that overcoming obstacles, fears and biases will assist You in gaining clarity to enable You to live YOUR best possible life.

Thornley owns a Coaching & Consulting Firm in Eastern Ontario where her company works to support Executives, Teams and Small-Businesses with team-culture, professional goals and organizational needs.

Mentoring is a priority for Thornley and there are always a couple of upstarts benefiting from her expertise and humorous nature free of charge.

She volunteers a lot of time on two not-for-profit boards. As well, she offers workshops/Lunch-and-Learns at the Chamber of Commerce and facilitates entrepreneurial courses at a local community college.

Certified in 4 genres of coaching, she customizes programs to suit specific needs including the innovative Axiogenics SL123 program, the app-based 6-week Positive Intelligence program and Coaching With Constellations.

Available assessments are PQ; Axiogenics and PrinciplesYou – all free to challenge.

Whether You are looking for personal coaching or business coaching, Thornley can help you focus on the priorities and action steps that will move you towards Your brighter future.

Reach For Your Dreams by calling 613-334-1716 or emailing