Transforming lives one conversation at a time!

I am your Solution Focused Coach Francisca.

As a result of implementing actions from the coaching sessions, you will achieve your set objectives, maximise your personal and or professional potential and become your best version. I am a proud Mother of 2 beautiful young ladies 27, 26 and one son 21. I am the Author of Mother Behold Thy Son ,a gender equality book that shows my commitment to a more equitable and peaceful world. I play an African Instrument Mbira which I was taught by my children and I recorded an album “Kwasuma/ Brewing Storm” with my children in 2010. I am a teacher and learner at the same time.I am a Transformational Speaker. I became a Coach to be able to create the change I want to see in the world, one conversation at a time. I believe that change is possible but there is no transformation without action!

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