Group coaching is about creating action, decision and self-discovery within a group where the coach provides and encourages an exploratory and learning space among the members.

The main objective is to join the individual walls of concerns, capabilities, questions and strengths into a pool where members of the group can have access to the combined ideas, knowledge, passion and wisdom while maintaining the balance of what each person in the group is willing to give and how much of it they want to share.

A small group of peers join together in ongoing coaching conversations which encourages intimate conversation spaces with most teams having about four to eight members. This can be a work group, a volunteer group, a parent group, a family group, or even a neighbourhood group.

Some can have as much as fifteen people which are the ICF’s maximum size requirement.

The best time to use group coaching techniques are when you want to promote and enhance leadership development. It makes the building of teams much easier.

This is because, in order to create an engaged team, the group coaching technique helps form emotional bonds between the members of the group, The relationships built during group sessions are what makes it possible to build a very effective team using group coaching.

A group coaching program is not only innovative but creative as well. Sharing insights and ideas among group members, during group sessions, can help foster very strong personal transformations as well. This coaching process can be used in a wide variety of situations and can be used to achieve many things.