The real question is “What will it cost you not to have a coach?”. What is finding a clear path to your own destiny worth to you? You shouldn’t be asking yourself “Is coaching worth it?” you need to ask yourself “Am I worth it?”. For a limited time, the group of coaches on Inspire Yourself is offering the following special pricing for individuals: 

Free 30 minute discovery clarity call

First session with any Coach:  “Pay what you may”

(A monetary value of your choosing)  

Additional one-off sessions with the same coach to be determined on an individual basis

Package pricing:  

  • 150 minutes to be used at your discretion over 6 weeks $399 
  • 360 minutes to be used at your discretion over 12 weeks $999 

Package prices to include limited text/e-mail support in between sessions  as arranged between individual coach and client.

Packages allow you a priority choice of appointment times

Group, Executive or Team coaching rates are quoted on a case-by-case basis.